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3D Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Review
This video was taken right after the procedure , it will look more natural after it heal .To see more Before and After pictures, please visit:
Before & After Video
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3D hairstroke permanent makeup eyebrows
These pictures were taken right after the procedure , they will look more natural after they heal .
Yelp Review
Caren M.
I have my permanent eyebrows and upper eyeliner done by Amy. Amy took the time to draw my eyebrows in carefully, she was very professtional about making it exactly what I wanted by extending the shape, thickening the liner a little, she was so patient and make sure I am not in pain while she was working on my eyebrows and eyeliners. She did a pretty great job.
My eyebrows looks so natural , it was amazing how much it enhanced my look. I find it so convenience, it save at least 15 minutes every day on my morning routine. I can just get up and go anywhere plus I feel so confidence without putting on my mascara. Never feels this good ever before in my life. I am very satisfied with her work and I received a lot of compliments from my friends and co-workers. I've recommended some of my co-workers to Amy and they all looks prettier :) I highly recommend Amy.
Colleen Kay
I trust Amy's expertise to shape my eyebrows and lips according to my face to bring out my inner beauty. She's also great at matching the right lip color to my complexion. I love how she shaped my eyebrows and lips to give me a younger and brighter look making me feel more confident in myself. Especially since it makes me feel so beautiful to face the world.
Maria Lee
I have permanent makeup done on my eyebrows, eyeliner, both upper and lower, and lip. Before, I always looked tire and sickly to other people and every time I looked in the mirror, I felt I had no energy and wasn't happy with myself. With permanent makeup I look more natural. I feel more confident with permanent makeup applied. I also love the fact that permanent makeup helps save money and time when compared to regular makeup.
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